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Falkirk Latest Form

DateHome TeamScoreAway Team
Saturday 28th April 2018Falkirk1 - 0St Mirren
Saturday 21st April 2018Dumbarton2 - 5Falkirk
Saturday 14th April 2018Dundee United1 - 0Falkirk
Saturday 7th April 2018Falkirk1 - 2Dunfermline Athletic
Saturday 31st March 2018Falkirk1 - 0Brechin City
Tuesday 27th February 2018St Mirren5 - 0Falkirk
Saturday 24th February 2018Falkirk0 - 0Dumbarton
Saturday 17th February 2018Brechin City0 - 1Falkirk
Saturday 3rd February 2018Falkirk1 - 3Livingston
Saturday 27th January 2018Falkirk3 - 1Inverness Caledonian Thistle
Saturday 13th January 2018Greenock Morton0 - 1Falkirk
Saturday 6th January 2018Falkirk6 - 1Dundee United
Tuesday 2nd January 2018Dunfermline Athletic2 - 0Falkirk
Saturday 30th December 2017Falkirk3 - 2Queen of the South
Saturday 23rd December 2017Dumbarton0 - 0Falkirk
Saturday 16th December 2017Falkirk0 - 0Brechin City
Saturday 2nd December 2017Livingston0 - 0Falkirk
Saturday 25th November 2017Falkirk0 - 3Greenock Morton
Saturday 4th November 2017Falkirk1 - 1Dunfermline Athletic
Saturday 28th October 2017Queen of the South4 - 2Falkirk
Saturday 21st October 2017Falkirk0 - 0St Mirren
Saturday 14th October 2017Falkirk0 - 0Inverness Caledonian Thistle
Saturday 30th September 2017Greenock Morton0 - 1Falkirk
Saturday 23rd September 2017Falkirk0 - 2Livingston
Saturday 16th September 2017Falkirk0 - 0Dundee United
Saturday 9th September 2017Brechin City1 - 1Falkirk
Saturday 26th August 2017Falkirk1 - 4Queen of the South
Saturday 19th August 2017Dunfermline Athletic3 - 1Falkirk
Saturday 12th August 2017Falkirk1 - 1Dumbarton
Saturday 5th August 2017St Mirren3 - 1Falkirk
Friday 19th May 2017Falkirk1 - 2Dundee United
Tuesday 16th May 2017Dundee United2 - 2Falkirk
Saturday 6th May 2017Dumbarton0 - 1Falkirk
Saturday 29th April 2017Falkirk2 - 2Queen of the South
Saturday 22nd April 2017Dunfermline Athletic1 - 2Falkirk
Saturday 15th April 2017Falkirk2 - 2St Mirren
Saturday 8th April 2017Dundee United1 - 1Falkirk
Saturday 1st April 2017Falkirk1 - 0Raith Rovers
Saturday 25th March 2017Hibernian2 - 1Falkirk
Saturday 18th March 2017Falkirk0 - 1Greenock Morton
Saturday 11th March 2017Ayr United1 - 4Falkirk
Saturday 4th March 2017Queen of the South0 - 2Falkirk
Saturday 25th February 2017Falkirk2 - 2Dumbarton
Saturday 18th February 2017Greenock Morton2 - 2Falkirk
Saturday 11th February 2017Falkirk3 - 0Dundee United
Saturday 4th February 2017Falkirk2 - 0Dunfermline Athletic
Saturday 28th January 2017St Mirren1 - 2Falkirk
Saturday 21st January 2017Greenock Morton2 - 0Falkirk
Saturday 14th January 2017Falkirk1 - 1Ayr United
Saturday 7th January 2017Raith Rovers1 - 4Falkirk
Saturday 31st December 2016Falkirk1 - 2Hibernian
Monday 26th December 2016Dunfermline Athletic1 - 1Falkirk
Saturday 17th December 2016Dumbarton2 - 1Falkirk
Saturday 10th December 2016Falkirk2 - 2Queen of the South
Saturday 3rd December 2016Falkirk3 - 1St Mirren
Saturday 19th November 2016Ayr United0 - 1Falkirk
Saturday 12th November 2016Hibernian1 - 1Falkirk
Saturday 5th November 2016Falkirk1 - 1Morton
Saturday 29th October 2016Dundee Utd1 - 0Falkirk
Saturday 22nd October 2016Falkirk2 - 4Raith Rovers
Saturday 15th October 2016Falkirk2 - 1Dunfermline
Saturday 1st October 2016St Mirren1 - 1Falkirk
Saturday 24th September 2016Falkirk2 - 0Ayr
Saturday 17th September 2016Falkirk3 - 1Dundee Utd
Saturday 10th September 2016Raith Rovers0 - 2Falkirk
Saturday 27th August 2016Falkirk1 - 0Dumbarton
Saturday 20th August 2016Queen of Sth2 - 0Falkirk
Saturday 13th August 2016Morton1 - 1Falkirk
Saturday 6th August 2016Falkirk1 - 2Hibernian
Sunday 22nd May 2016Kilmarnock4 - 0Falkirk
Thursday 19th May 2016Falkirk1 - 0Kilmarnock
Friday 13th May 2016Falkirk3 - 2Hibernian
Tuesday 10th May 2016Hibernian2 - 2Falkirk
Sunday 1st May 2016Falkirk1 - 0Morton
Saturday 30th April 2016Falkirk1 - 0Morton
Saturday 23rd April 2016Raith Rovers2 - 2Falkirk
Saturday 23rd April 2016Raith Rovers2 - 2Falkirk
Saturday 23rd April 2016Raith Rovers2 - 2Falkirk
Saturday 16th April 2016Hibernian0 - 0Falkirk
Saturday 16th April 2016Hibernian0 - 0Falkirk
Friday 15th April 2016Hibernian0 - 0Falkirk
Tuesday 12th April 2016Hibernian2 - 2Falkirk
Tuesday 12th April 2016Hibernian2 - 2Falkirk
Saturday 9th April 2016Falkirk3 - 2St Mirren
Saturday 9th April 2016Falkirk3 - 2St Mirren
Saturday 2nd April 2016Queen of Sth2 - 2Falkirk
Saturday 2nd April 2016Queen of Sth2 - 2Falkirk
Saturday 26th March 2016Falkirk1 - 2Livingston
Friday 18th March 2016Falkirk3 - 2Rangers
Saturday 12th March 2016Dumbarton1 - 1Falkirk
Saturday 12th March 2016Dumbarton1 - 1Falkirk
Saturday 5th March 2016Falkirk2 - 0Alloa
Tuesday 1st March 2016St Mirren0 - 0Falkirk
Saturday 27th February 2016Falkirk3 - 1Queen of Sth
Saturday 20th February 2016Morton0 - 1Falkirk
Saturday 13th February 2016Falkirk2 - 2Raith Rovers
Saturday 30th January 2016Rangers1 - 0Falkirk
Tuesday 26th January 2016Dundee3 - 1Falkirk
Saturday 23rd January 2016Livingston1 - 1Falkirk
Sunday 17th January 2016Falkirk1 - 1Hibernian
Saturday 9th January 2016Dundee0 - 0Falkirk
Saturday 2nd January 2016Alloa0 - 1Falkirk
Saturday 2nd January 2016Alloa0 - 1Falkirk
Tuesday 29th December 2015Falkirk2 - 0Livingston
Saturday 26th December 2015Falkirk1 - 0Dumbarton
Saturday 19th December 2015Falkirk2 - 1Rangers
Saturday 19th December 2015Falkirk2 - 1Rangers
Saturday 12th December 2015Hibernian1 - 1Falkirk
Saturday 5th December 2015Falkirk0 - 0Livingston
Saturday 28th November 2015Falkirk4 - 1Fraserburgh
Saturday 21st November 2015Queen of Sth2 - 2Falkirk
Saturday 14th November 2015Falkirk5 - 0Alloa
Saturday 7th November 2015Raith Rovers1 - 2Falkirk
Saturday 31st October 2015Falkirk3 - 0St Mirren
Saturday 24th October 2015Dumbarton0 - 5Falkirk
Tuesday 20th October 2015Falkirk0 - 1Hibernian
Saturday 17th October 2015Falkirk1 - 0Morton
Saturday 3rd October 2015Rangers3 - 1Falkirk
Friday 25th September 2015Falkirk0 - 0Queen of Sth
Saturday 19th September 2015Alloa1 - 1Falkirk
Saturday 12th September 2015St Mirren2 - 3Falkirk
Friday 28th August 2015Falkirk2 - 1Dumbarton
Saturday 22nd August 2015Livingston1 - 2Falkirk
Saturday 15th August 2015Falkirk1 - 0Raith Rovers
Saturday 8th August 2015Morton1 - 1Falkirk

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